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If It Moves…™ is a game-changing security solution for what matters to you.

Simply attach or connect the “If It Moves…™” device to the item you’d like to monitor. Using the app, enable security with the touch of a button and your protection is in place. Once enabled, you will receive instant alerts for motion detection and location breach, - right to your phone. 

In addition to alerting you to if something is disturbed you can also locate your items. If It Moves… patented technology is so precise it can sense even the smallest unauthorized movement of your items. 

Why choose If It Moves…™?

  • Reliable cellular connection
  • Monitor all unauthorized movement of your items in one place
  • Track and locate items in real time using motion detection, GPS and cellular connection patented technology
  • Receive alerts as soon as motion is detected
  • Data is entirely private. Encrypted data is stored on your phone - never on a server


More Information:

The Packaging includes one If It Moves…™ device, a charging cable, and a quick start guide. Your device comes with six months of unlimited actions.  After the first six months, renewal subscriptions will range from $23.95 to $42.95. 


Water Resistance: IPX5 Compliant
Backup Battery: Li-Polymer, 2600 mAh
Charging Voltage: 5V DC
UPC No. 860007355516

Subscription Information

Your device comes with six months of unlimited actions. After the first six months, renewal subscriptions will range from...

6 months of UNLIMITED: $42.95
6 months OR 5000 ACTIONS: $32.95
6 months OR 2500 ACTIONS: $23.95

An “action” occurs every time the device communicates, either sending or receiving. Currently available Actions include Enable Security, Disable Security, Movement Detected, Geofence Exited, Location Update, Locate Me and Low Battery Alert.

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